Just for fun: Common camping-related expressions

Have you ever noticed the amount of words related to camping, or even containing the words “camp” or “camping” that are in our every-day speech? For fun on a cold wintry day, here are a few examples, which we can all enjoy under one big tent. (There’s one!)

boondocks – meaning a rural or remote area, comes to us from the Tagalog bundok. The term was introduced in the early 1900’s by U.S. servicemen returning from the Philippines following the conclusion of the ...

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Michigan Trivia

Here are a bunch of fun facts about the Wolverine State.

MichiganTrivia2Geographically speaking…

  • About 15,000 years ago, the last of the major glaciers of the Wisconsin Glaciation began to pull back to the north. The scraping of the ice dug out, and the melting ice filled the five Great Lakes.
  • Ninth in population, Michigan is 11th in land area and is the largest state by total area (including water) east of the Mississippi ...
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Fun in the Thumb – Winter Activities

Baby, it’s cold out there! But it’s still fun out there. Here are some spots in the Thumb, open all winter, to provide entertainment and intrigue during the shortest days (and longest nights) of the year.

Antiques, etc: Hattie’s Corner in the Thumb, 6767 N. Lakeshore, Palms, MI 48465, is a funny little store containing a combination of curious curios from the mid-20th century. The shop keys on the decades of the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, a time so fondly recalled in pop culture. ...

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Top Camper Questions

Through the year we talk to hundreds of campers and receive thousands of bookings. Often times, campers have very similar questions, so we’ve made a list to help get you where you need to be in 2016.

  1. Are there still seasonal campsites available for 2016? Yes! There are still seasonal sites available at three of the Huron County Parks: Lighthouse Park, Wagener Park and Sebewaing Park. Caseville Park, Oak Beach Park and Stafford Park are currently sold out for seasonals for ...
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Do It Yourself Camping Accessories

Camping is the ultimate DIY experience. Your tent is a “do-it-yourself” house, camp cooking takes place at a DIY “stove”, you get the idea. Here are a few more DIY ideas for camping accessories.

1: Hand-washing station: It’s always nice to have a clean, consistent spot to wash up. Take a large water jug with a spigot, dedicate it to hand washing exclusively, place in a central, convenient location in the camp, probably a picnic table and mount using 2 bungee ...

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Camping is good for your health

We all know camping is fun, hanging in the great outdoors, with family and friends. Camping is also good for your health in several scientifically measurable ways.

Camping elevates the amount of vitamin D in your body: Sufficient taking in of sunlight, without overdoing it, increases the making of Vitamin D in your body, a good thing.

HealthyCamping3Camping reboots your body’s clock to nature’s: We all have a normal sleep cycle called the ...

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Healthy choices for protection from the sun and bugs

You are out camping at your favorite Huron County Park and to maximize your enjoyment (and your health) you want some sort of protection from both the wonderful, but sometimes harmful, rays of the sun. And those pesky bugs? Who needs ’em?

bugsprayWhat are the healthy, safe choices? How can we find reliable, natural and green alternatives to the chemicals most popular on the store shelves?

The key is to learn what is inside your ...

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2015 Wagener Park Halloween Festivities

Wagener Park has a tradition of celebrating Halloween with fun activities for adults and children of all ages. Join us September 19, 2015 for the following events:

September 19, 2015 Schedule of Events

11AM to 12 PM – Coffee, Punch & Sweets at Pavilion
12 PM to 2 PM – Pumpkin Painting and Games
2 PM to 3 PM – Hayride and a Barrel Ride- Boarding Near the Restrooms.
3 PM – Judging of Costumes of Kids and Adults- by age groups for kids. (Baby-3, ...

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Campfire Cooking: Just Desserts

Campfire cooking is one of the joys of camping. Dessert is one of the joys of eating. Campfire Desserts are a natural in nature! Fire up the Dutch Oven and enjoy these favorite desserts!

Campfire Banana BoatCampfire Banana Boat

Chocolate Chips
Aluminum Foil
Extras: Nuts, peanut butter, coconut etc.

Open up the banana on one of the seams from about 1 inch from the bottom to 1 inch on ...

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The “road less taken” tour of the Thumb

Visitors and locals alike travel about the Thumb, taking the well-worn, well-known roads such as M25 and Van Dyke, and miss some of the wonderful sights and spots of Huron County. Here are a few such places:

Rocks: Right off Gagetown Road, in-between M53 and Bad Axe Road are some big rocks like you’ve never seen. Sanilac Petroglyphs Historic State Park welcomes visitors Wednesdays thru Sundays. What they’ve got there are Michigan’s singular stone age ...

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