All reservations must be made online using the name and address of at least one camper at the campsite. You must be 18 years of age to book a campsite unless accompanied by an adult. For group reservations, a name and e-mail must accompany each site reserved. Anyone with a reservation that does not have their name on it will not be admitted to the park.

All campers are assigned to a site. Any site changes or adjustments to your reservation must be approved by the Park Manager or Park Staff. All change requests should be sent to

Reservations for holiday weekends will be a minimum of three consecutive nights. Reservations for Cheeseburger will require a minimum of 18 nights. Ribstock will require a minimum of 4 nights.

All reservation fees must be prepaid in full and are non-refundable. If a person or persons have not paid fees in advance, their camping unit, any other personal property shall be removed from the camping site by the Huron County Park Trustees to non-camping storage area (storage fees may apply).

Refund requests due to cancellations will be considered on a very limited basis at the sole discretion of Huron County Parks. Pending evaluation of special and/or extenuating circumstances, a credit voucher may be issued. All requests for refunds shall be made utilizing the on-line form.

By submitting payment you agree to follow all park rules and regulations.