How about those Park Managers!? Part 2

The park managers at Huron County Parks work hard to ensure your experience is the best it can be. As the season is coming to a close, we’d like to share a little more about them so you can learn about the folks that have made your summer so special. This month we get to know our managers a little better.

What’s a little known “secret” about your park?

Robert from Stafford Park: Stafford Park is a sleepy family park hidden off M-25 in the village of Port Hope with weekend children’s activities, including contests offering prizes, weekend hot dog cookouts with ice cream socials, and coffee hour 9-10 AM Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Betsy from Caseville Park: Betsy has been around for many years and many different parts have changed through time. There was once a big water slide on the beach, and there are stories of a ball field, but no one seems to know where it was located.

Patty from Lighthouse Park: Lighthouse Park is almost surrounded by Lake Huron. Many people come to visit the Lighthouse on the grounds and then discover the park.

Photo by Huron County Parks
Photo by Huron County Parks

What’s one tip you can provide campers?

Patty from Lighthouse Park: Sit back and chill out. She adds that the park is a great place, it is beautiful and peaceful.

Robert from Stafford Park: Book lake view lots early. There is a great sandy area in front of the lake view lots that is groomed weekly.

Betsy from Caseville Park: Know how many amps your unit uses. Microwaves are 12.5 amps, air conditioners pull 12.5 amps, hair dryers use 10.0 amps, toasters eat up 10.0 amps and coffee makers drink up 9.0 amps. Add it all up to see if your 30 (or 50) amp power will trip the circuit. She adds that she wants to thank all the campers, seasonal or daily, coming and going, for fun times here and there.

She adds that she wouldn’t be able to do this without her hubby, Gerald J. Strozeski along with all of her co-workers, Ken, Dave, Tali, Bryanna, Vicky, Ryan, Chance and Bernie.


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