Do It Yourself Camping Accessories

Camping is the ultimate DIY experience. Your tent is a “do-it-yourself” house, camp cooking takes place at a DIY “stove”, you get the idea. Here are a few more DIY ideas for camping accessories.

1: Hand-washing station: It’s always nice to have a clean, consistent spot to wash up. Take a large water jug with a spigot, dedicate it to hand washing exclusively, place in a central, convenient location in the camp, probably a picnic table and mount using 2 bungee cords. Place a bucket for collecting water on the ground below, include a supply of paper towels, a soap dispenser and a trash container or bag for the used paper towels.

DIY fishing2: Fishing bobber: Forgot your tackle box? Most useful for light tackle, a earplug made of foam can be effective. Hook the hook through the plug and slide the plug to the spot you want it on the fishing line.

3: Food container match storage: Re-purpose plastic baby food containers as match holders, the size is exact, and they’re waterproof. Add value by gluing a piece of sand paper to use as a striking surface.

4: Tic-tac spice boxes: Camp cooking is, well… camp cooking, but that doesn’t mean spices aren’t used. Instead of lugging some full-size spice rank into the woods, empty tic-tac boxes make the perfect size containers for spices on the trail.DIY tic tac

5: Belt pots & pans rack: Use an old, but this sturdy leather belt, tied around a convenient tree, to hang pots and pans and utensils from.

6: Egg carton fire starter: Use a cardboard (NOT STYROFOAM) empty egg carton to create a barbecue starter. Place one charcoal bricket in each empty egg cup. Use match lightable charcoal, no fluid needed. When closed up, the carton travels easily. At camp place in fire pit, it carton lights easily, and so does the charcoal.




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