Camping Games to Pass the Time

games1Here’s some fun ideas for ways to pass the time on the way to, and while, camping. Some of these games are for just a few players, some require larger groups. Have fun!

Auto A-B-C’s: Before arriving at your campsite, a long, sometimes boring ride may be involved. This game provides the kids with a fun way to pass the time and improve spelling and reading skills. In turn, each player must spy an object outside the car that starts with each letter of the alphabet, in order. Once everyone playing has found their “A” word, they all move on to “B”, and so forth. Not many can get past “Q” to make it to “Z”.

Knot That Easy: Maybe the rain you were hoping wouldn’t come is falling. If you’re trapped inside, here’s a camping-relating game that only requires a few pieces of rope, and your skill at tying knots. Tie a separate type of knot in each length of rope (you might prepare this ahead of time). Give out a knot to each player. Have them cooperate on untying each knot puzzle and they’ll build teamwork and pass the time on a rainy afternoon.

Following Directions: The leader shows the group how to use a compass to find north. One player is asked to point to or walk to an object (tree, bush, tent, etc.) that is directly north of the campsite. The next player must find an object due south, and so forth for east and west. All players gather in the center of the play area. The leader calls out “North” or “East” or the other directions and all players race to touch the previously selected landmark at the proper direction. After playing a few rounds of this, the halfway points (northwest, southeast, etc.) can be used. This game involves fun racing and useful instruction in using a compass and orientating oneself to different directions.games2

Minute to Win It: This short, fast game is for calming an excited group down, and teaching something about the passage of time. The leader tells the group a minute will be timed on the leader’s watch or phone. The players must raise their hands once they believe a minute has passed. They are allowed to count, but only silently. Whomever comes closest to timing a minute in their heads is the winner. Once the group gets proficient at this, try it with two minutes.


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