Top 10 Questions asked about Huron County Parks

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We get calls, we get e-mails, we get asked lots of questions every day. Here are the top ten most asked (or most interesting) questions, with the answers, of course:

1. Where are the playgrounds at Caseville? This info has just been added to the map of Caseville Park on the website. There is a playscape/playground on First Street, north of Pavilion 1.

2. When do the parks open? Caseville Park season runs from April 15 thru October 31. All other parks are open from May 1 to October 15. All dates are conditions permitting, of course.

3. Are there any seasonal sites available? Yes! There are seasonal sites available at all six Huron County Parks. As of 4/1/2015, the following sites at the following parks are currently available for seasonal rental:

Caseville Full Hookup (April 15-October 31, 2015) $2900: #80 #82  
Stafford Full Hookup (May 1-October 15, 2015) $1800: #60
Sebewaing Full Hookup (May 1-October 15, 2015) $1600: #34
Oak Beach Full Hookup (May 1-October 15, 2015) $1800: #20
Lighthouse Full Hookup (May 1-October 15, 2015) $1800: #22 #42 #51 #57 #58 360 #66 #67 #70
Wagener Full Hookup (May 1-October 15, 2015) $1800: #102 #110 #123 #126
At this date (April1, 2015), the total payment is required to make the reservation. Please call us at 888-265-2583 with any questions or to book a reservation.

4. Can I put a tent on a campsite with an RV? As per the regulations listed on the website, only one structure is allowed per campsite.

5. What is Cheeseburger?  The annual Cheeseburger Festival is held each August in Caseville Park and the city of Caseville. Inspired by the Jimmy Buffet tune “Cheeseburger in Paradise”, it’s a time of great food, great drink, great music, a great party with great people.

6. What is Cheeseburger Overflow? Reservations for Caseville fill up very quickly (by mid-January!) during the two weeks of Cheeseburger, so rustic (no hookups) sites are available in downtown Caseville, across Main from the Fire Hall, to set your rig.

7. When can I start booking for Cheeseburger? Cheeseburger booking is done on “number-of-days-reserved” basis. Starting in early December, for two weeks, the minimum stay that can be reserved is 32 days, of which all of Cheeseburger must be included. Then, the minimum becomes 26 days, two weeks later, 18, after New Years the minimum is 9 nights, until, in mid January, any length of stay may be booked.

8. How early can I book a non-seasonal, non-Cheeseburger site? When can I book a Pavilion for 2016? General reservations opened on December 17, 2014 for the 2015 season. The date will be similar (the 3rd Monday in December, most likely) for next year. Pavilion rental for the 2016 season will begin sometime after June 1, 2015. We will keep you informed on the website on this.

9. Which of the parks are best for swimming? Of our six beautiful County parks, Oak Beach and Caseville are the two with the beaches most suitable for swimming and hangin’ at the beach.

10. Are the parks pet-friendly? Absolutely. We welcome your pets, remember that they must be on leashes when out of your tent or RV, and they are not allowed on the beach. As at home, please pick up after your pet.


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