Part 2: Fun Facts About Michigan

(Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Statue (Ossineke, Michigan) – October 11, 2014 by Corey Seeman via CC 2.0)

Since Michigan has two parts, here’s the second part of our Fun Facts series.


A 1942 popular song by the Glen Miller Orchestra taught the rest of the U.S. how to spell this Michigan burg, “(I’ve Got a Gal in) Kalamazoo” reached number 1 that year; also number 1, the Kalamazoo Mall, the nation’s very first outdoor shopping mall; in addition the city was the first home of Gibson Guitars, where a model named for the town was available in the 1960’s & ’70’s.

Large Attractions:

Largest Crucifix – Cross in the Woods Shrine – Indian River, Michigan by The.Comedian via CC 2.0

At the intersection of Dowling St. and Water St. in Montague, you will find the world’s biggest weathervane.

The biggest crucifix on earth, known as the “Cross in the Woods” can be found across the Indian River.

The biggest sculpture of a horse on this side of the Atlantic is that of Il Gavallo, a 24′ tall representation of the horse of Leonardo da Vinci, which can be ridden to in Grand Rapids.

P. Bunyan:

While Grayling claims local French-Canadian lumberjack Fabian Fournier as the 1800’s origin of Paul Bunyan;  Oscoda says they are his “hometown”. The first published story about him was printed in a 1906 edition of the Oscoda Press. Ossineke proudly displays his giant statue, standing tall right beside Babe, his blue ox, portrayed “authentically” as a steer.

Produce & Drink:

Potatoes are the crop Michigan produces more of than any other state, mostly from Montcalm County or the Upper Peninsula.

If tarts (as in pies) have a world capital it’s right here in Traverse City, home of the annual cherry pie festival.

Breakfast cereal, of course, wakes up in the morning in Battle Creek, where Kellogg’s promoted its brand with the first box-top mail-in campaign back in 1909.

First concocted by a druggist in Detroit, Vernor’s Ginger Ale is the longest-sold brand of ginger ale and perhaps of any soda. Bottoms up!


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