More Campfire Cooking Tips

campfirecookingtips1What ever tastes better than food cooked over a campfire, and eaten under the stars? This wonderful experience is well worth the extra bit of planning, time, and patience it requires. Here are some tips and tricks for creating treats on the trail:

Ice Chest Advice

  • Get ice in blocks, it stays frozen longer than ice in cubes.
  • All meat should be frozen and brought in the cooler. The meat will last longer and will act as a coolant for the other food. To keep the meat cold longer, use one cooler for just drinks.
  • Replace melted ice frequently. It’s important to keep your food cold all the time.
  • Try water and baking soda to get rid of uncool cooler smells.

Food Storage

  • Measure out the specific portions of the ingredients for each meal you plan to cook. Pack
    them in ziplock bags and label the bags.
  • Cook chili, stews and soups before leaving home. Freeze them in ziplock bags, and pack in the cooler.

campfirecookingtips2 Cooking

  • Here’s a handy hamburger trick: cut a hole in the center of your hamburger just big enough to fit your finger through. The hole will close up during cooking, but the result will be the interior of the burger will cook evenly with the edges.
  • Remember to bring heavy duty aluminum wrap, it will be very useful.
  • Rub liquid dish detergent on the outer surfaces of cooking ware prior to hanging the pots over the fire. This will make cleanup easier, and prevent smoke and fire damage.
  • After cooking, place a
    pan of water on the fire while eating. You’ll have hot water ready¬†for cleanup.
  • On your getaway day at the campsite, use up all your leftovers in omelets for breakfast that day. This will decrease the amount of food you have to take back with you, and it makes a yummy omelete!



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