How About Those Park Managers?! Part 1

The park managers at Huron County Parks work hard to ensure your experience is the best it can be. As the season is coming to a close, we’d like to share a little more about them so you can learn about the folks that have made your summer so special.

This month we introduce you to three of our hard-working park managers. Betsy Strozeski from Caseville County Park, Robert Burcham at Stafford County Park, and last, but not least, Patty Naud, from Lighthouse County Park.

Caseville Manager

Photo by Huron County Parks

Regarding their favorite features of their parks, Betsy loves Caseville’s beach. She suspects that’s what draws so many people to Caseville. The fact that there is an easy walk from the campsites directly to a nice sandy beach is part of the attraction. She adds she also enjoys the view of Charity Island and the kids playing in the sand. Betsy likes the fact that there is kiteboarding, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding on the beach, as well as a restaurant for a few snacks. We can see that there’s no single favorite feature of Caseville for Betsy. It’s all special.

Stafford Manager

Photo by Huron County Parks

Robert at Stafford Park enjoys that the park is dog-friendly. Dogs are allowed along the lakeshore, and the park has its own dog run area inside the old softball field. He notes that the park does have a strict dog leash rule.

Lighthouse Manager

Patty most enjoys Lake Huron and the peacefulness as seen from Lighthouse Park. She invites everyone to visit for a trip you won’t forget.


In terms of hometowns, all three managers are Michiganders, Patty from New Baltimore, Betsy Pontiac-born and Robert hailing from Sunfield. Florida was the farthest away two of the Park Managers have ever camped, Storm Lake, Iowa for the third.

Photo by Huron County Parks

Robert’s favorite time of the year at Stafford County Park is August, as the park is usually totally booked every weekend. Betsy loves Fall, with its changing colors and Patty agrees, citing September and October as her favorite months at the park.

Join us next month, for a continuation of our survey of Park Managers. And next time you see them, thank them for their hard work this season!






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