Creative Ways to Cook While Camping

Most of our campers bring their RVs to Huron County Parks. But that doesn’t mean the art of camp-cooking has to be lost. There are various methods of cooking food while camping out, even if you have the conveniences of an RV kitchen.

Camp-cooking can be done in a fast and easy way, as well as more elaborate styles and using more extensive equipment. Preparing each meal while camping can take a few minutes, or can be a major part of your day. Here are just a very few of the ways camp food may be cooked:

Box Oven cooking: This method allows the preparation of almost any food that you would cook in your normal oven in your kitchen. The Box Oven can be constructed from a cardboard or wooden box.campcooking2

Dutch Oven cooking: The dutch oven is an appliance that can be purchased from any number of retain stores. Charcoal is generally used as the cooking medium in a camping environment, but you can also cook on the stove top. With charcoal, a general rule is to put 2 to 3 times the amount of charcoal brickettes in the lid as you put under the dutch oven. The lid should be secured whenever cooking. The outside of the oven should be covered with foil to make cleaning up much less tedious.

Foil cooking: The food is wrapped in the heaviest grade of foil, then cooked directly on the charcoal glows, once they are heating to the point of glowing. Take care to use a sufficient amount of the foil to completely enclose the food and fold over all edges. The food should be sealed tight. Always leave room for the food to expand into inside the foil.

campcooking3Charcoal cooking: The very traditional American outdoor cooking method. The charcoal, usually in brick form, is poured into an upright barbecue grill or onto the ground within a fire ring with a grill then placed above the charcoal. Once lit, optimally with a fire starting device, the charcoal should become a red color (at night) or light grey (in sunlight) before it is ready to cook.


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