Camping is good for your health

We all know camping is fun, hanging in the great outdoors, with family and friends. Camping is also good for your health in several scientifically measurable ways.

Camping elevates the amount of vitamin D in your body: Sufficient taking in of sunlight, without overdoing it, increases the making of Vitamin D in your body, a good thing.

HealthyCamping3Camping reboots your body’s clock to nature’s: We all have a normal sleep cycle called the Circadian rhythm. This allows our mind and body to know when to rest and when to wake. Man-made lighting and the shining of our devices change our rhythm, and repeating following of this unnatural timing is not optimum for good health. When camping we mostly surrender ourselves to the rising and setting of the sun in terms of our activity. A few days camping can re-synch our circadian and provide deeper sleep and more refreshed waking.

Camping gets you in shape: Whatever your normal routine might be, it probably doesn’t include climbing up and down hiking trails, chopping wood, setting up tents, or swimming in a cool lake. All those activities are why we go camping, and they all provide good exercise.

Camping makes you feel good: Upping your intake of sunlight, fresh air and bodily activity causes your brain to increase its levels of serotonin hormones. These are the natural chemicals in your brain that make you think happy thoughts and feel like we are in a good mood.

Camping makes you smarter: Decisions, decisions, decisions. There will be many choices to make while camping. What location to set up camp, what food to bring and cook, how to build a fire. Your brain on camping learns to try and succeed at these task, and that translates into better thinking even when the camping trip is over.


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