Update on Cheeseburger Reservation Opportunities

cheeseburger festival

Reservations officially opened to the general public on December 16 and we thank everyone who have already made their reservations for the 2014 season.

Currently there is a minimum requirement of 18-or-more nights to book during the Cheeseburger Festival in Caseville. The decision to require a minimum stay was made because the parks are completely self-funded. Because we do not use any public funds to maintain and operate the parks, the decision was made to give priority to those campers wishing to stay longer to better financially support operations and maintain the beauty of the parks that all of you have come to know and love.

Beginning Monday, December 23 at 12:00 p.m. EST, the reservation requirement will be lowered to 9-or-more nights for reservations for Cheeseburger, based on a first come-first served basis.

Please note that on January 2, 2014 at 12:00 p.m. EST, the reservation requirements will be lifted entirely, allowing anyone to book for any length of stay. We strongly urge campers to book before then to guarantee their campsites . If you wait to book until January 2nd, there is a high likelihood that the campground will be completely sold out.

We appreciate your business and understanding of these reservation policies. The main goal of Huron County Parks is to maintain the parks and the beauty of the Thumb area so campers can continue to enjoy the parks for generations.