2015 Caseville Campsite Changes

2015Caseville_ParkIn 2015, Caseville County Park will begin utilizing a new campsite layout which will allow for more campsites and an increased visitor experience.

Changes will bring about 30 extra lots for campers, which will be available in spring 2015. In addition to new lots, sites in the middle of the park will be larger than before. These sites are now listed as “Premium.”

A full breakdown of old site numbers and their new site numbers are listed below so you can find your favorite site with the new numbering system.

Type of SiteOld Site NumberNew Site Number
Electric and Water2145
Electric and Water4144
Electric and Water6143
Electric and Water8142
Electric and Water10141
Electric and Water12140
Electric and Water14139
Electric and Water16138
Electric and Water18137
Electric and Water20136
Electric and Water22135
Electric and Water24134
Electric and Water26133
Electric and Water28132
Electric and Water30131
Electric and Water31114
Electric and Water32130
Electric and Water33115
Electric and Water3472
Electric and Water35116
Electric and Water3671
Electric and Water37117
Electric and Water3870
Electric and Water39118
Electric and Water4069
Electric and Water41119
Electric and Water4268
Electric and Water43120
Electric and Water4467
Electric and Water45121
Electric and Water4666
Electric and Water47122
Electric and Water4865
Electric and Water49123
Electric and Water5064
Electric and Water51124
Electric and Water5263
Electric and Water53125
Electric and Water5462
Electric and Water55126
Electric and Water5661
Electric and Water57127
Electric and Water5860
Electric and Water59128
Electric and Water6059
Electric and Water61129
Electric and Water6347
Electric and Water6448
Electric and Water6549
Electric and Water6650
Electric and Water6751
Electric and Water6852
Electric and Water6953
Electric and Water7054
Electric and Water7155
Electric and Water7256
Electric and Water7357
Electric and Water7458
Full Hookup101199
Full Hookup103198
Full Hookup105197
Full Hookup107196
Full Hookup109195
Full Hookup111194
Full Hookup113193
Full Hookup115192
Full Hookup117191
Full Hookup119113
Full Hookup120146
Full Hookup121112
Full Hookup122147
Full Hookup123111
Full Hookup124148
Full Hookup125110
Full Hookup126149
Full Hookup127109
Full Hookup128150
Full Hookup129108
Full Hookup130151
Full Hookup131107
Full Hookup132152
Full Hookup133106
Full Hookup134153
Full Hookup135105
Full Hookup136154
Full Hookup137104
Full Hookup138103
Full Hookup14073
Full Hookup14174
Full Hookup14275
Full Hookup14376
Full Hookup14477
Full Hookup14578
Full Hookup14679
Full Hookup14780
Full Hookup14881
Full Hookup14982
Full Hookup15083
Full Hookup15184
Full Hookup15285
Full Hookup15386
Full Hookup15446
Full Hookup15545
Full Hookup15644
Full Hookup15743
Full Hookup15842
Full Hookup15941
Full Hookup16040
Full Hookup16139
Full Hookup16238
Full Hookup16337
Full Hookup16436
Full Hookup16535
Full Hookup16634
Full Hookup16733
Full Hookup20132
Full Hookup20222
Full Hookup20331
Full Hookup20423
Full Hookup20530
Full Hookup20624
Full Hookup20729
Full Hookup20825
Full Hookup20928
Full Hookup210Not Available
Full Hookup21127
Full Hookup212Not Available
Full Hookup213Not Available
Full Hookup2146
Full Hookup2155
Full Hookup2164
Full Hookup2173
Full Hookup2182
Full Hookup2191
Full Hookup220Not Available
Full Hookup221Not Available
Full Hookup222Not Available
Full Hookup223Not Available
Full Hookup224Not Available
Full Hookup225Not Available
Full Hookup226Not Available
Premium Full Hookup228178
Premium Full Hookup230179
Premium Full Hookup232180
Premium Full Hookup234181
Premium Full Hookup236182
Premium Full Hookup238183
Premium Full Hookup240184
Premium Full Hookup242185
Premium Full Hookup244186
Premium Full Hookup246187
Premium Full Hookup248188
Premium Full Hookup250189
Premium Full Hookup252190
Premium Full Hookup254155
Premium Full Hookup255156
Premium Full Hookup256157
Premium Full Hookup257158
Premium Full Hookup258159
Premium Full Hookup259160
Premium Full Hookup260161
Premium Full Hookup261162
Premium Full Hookup262163
Premium Full Hookup263164
Premium Full Hookup264165
Premium Full Hookup265166
Premium Full Hookup266167
Premium Full HookupNew Site168
Premium Full HookupNew Site169
Premium Full HookupNew Site175
Premium Full HookupNew Site176
Premium Full HookupNew Site177
Full HookupNew Site7
Full HookupNew Site8
Full HookupNew Site9
Full HookupNew Site10
Full HookupNew Site11
Full HookupNew Site12
Full HookupNew Site13
Full HookupNew Site14
Full HookupNew Site15
Full HookupNew Site16
Full HookupNew Site17
Full HookupNew Site18
Full HookupNew Site19
Full HookupNew Site20
Full HookupNew Site21
Full HookupNew Site26
Full HookupNew Site87
Full HookupNew Site88
Full HookupNew Site89
Full HookupNew Site90
Full HookupNew Site91
Full HookupNew Site92
Full HookupNew Site93
Full HookupNew Site94
Full HookupNew Site95
Full HookupNew Site96
Full HookupNew Site97
Full HookupNew Site98
Full HookupNew Site99
Full HookupNew Site100
Full HookupNew Site101
Full HookupNew Site102
Full HookupNew Site170
Full HookupNew Site171
Full HookupNew Site172
Full HookupNew Site173
Full HookupNew Site174
Full Hookup Lakeview1200
Full Hookup Lakeview3201
Full Hookup Lakeview5202
Full Hookup Lakeview7203
Full Hookup Lakeview9204
Full Hookup Lakeview11205
Full Hookup Lakeview13206
Full Hookup Lakeview15207
Full Hookup Lakeview17208
Full Hookup Lakeview19209
Full Hookup Lakeview21210
Full Hookup Lakeview23211
Full Hookup Lakeview25212
Full Hookup Lakeview27213
Full Hookup Lakeview102214
Full Hookup Lakeview104215
Full Hookup Lakeview106216
Full Hookup Lakeview108217
Full Hookup Lakeview110218
Full Hookup Lakeview112219
Full Hookup Lakeview114220
Full Hookup Lakeview116221
Full Hookup Lakeview118222
Full Hookup Lakeview227236
Full Hookup Lakeview229235
Full Hookup Lakeview231234
Full Hookup Lakeview233233
Full Hookup Lakeview235232
Full Hookup Lakeview237231
Full Hookup Lakeview239230
Full Hookup Lakeview241229
Full Hookup Lakeview243228
Full Hookup Lakeview245227
Full Hookup Lakeview247226
Full Hookup Lakeview249225
Full Hookup Lakeview251224
Full Hookup Lakeview253223
Full Hookup LakeviewNew Site237
Full Hookup LakeviewNew Site238
Full Hookup LakeviewNew Site239
Pavilion4 (Little Charity)No Change
Pavilion5 (Big Charity)No Change
PavilionPavilion1 (Playground)No Change
PavilionPavilion2 (Office)No Change
PavilionPavilion3 (Pull-Thru)No Change