Request a Voucher

A credit voucher may be issued only if a site is re-booked by another camper. All voucher requests shall be made utilizing the on-line form. No refunds or credit vouchers will be issued for reservations made during holidays or special events.

During the reservation process you acknowledged the Huron County Parks refund policy which states:

Because your reservation is non-refundable, any changes to the original reservation that result in “credit” are not qualified for a refund or credit voucher unless a voucher request is submitted and approved by park management. Voucher requests may be submitted online. Any approved vouchers/cancellations will result in a $15 cancellation fee. Vouchers not available and will not be approved for holiday weekends or special events.

By filling out the form below you are CANCELLING your reservation and requesting a credit voucher for your stay at the park. A credit will only be issued if/when the site is re-booked.
First Name*
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Reservation Confirmation #
I agree to release my site(s) under the following conditions: All vouchers will be given ONLY FOR THE NIGHTS your site is re-booked by another camper. A $15 cancellation fee will be charged if the site is fully re-booked.